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Graziano Arici will prosecute, under the copyright law n.633/41, all unauthorised use of their images, or parts thereof. Using part only of an image, manipulations, extrapolation of details, changes or all adjustments of the images offered by Graziano Arici are expressly prohibited. Graziano Arici is not, and can not be deemed responsible, for any moral and economic damage resulting from the misuse and unauthorised use of their photos, either in their original form or after being subjected to any alterations whatsoever, such as those described above, in particular if used in a defamatory way or contrary to the laws of privacy.
Each downloaded image may be used, once for publication in a print media on paper product and once for use within electronic media, for a maximum period of 2 months.
The sale of images, or the rights of reproduction, to third parties is prohibited. The purchaser of images and publication rights may only use purchased materials in the ways agreed with Graziano Arici and must strictly adhere to all restrictions imposed on their usage.
Graziano Arici states that the images in the website archive and the people they show and any situations depicted in public or private may be subject to restrictions in respect of their publication and are in all cases bound for by the need for a model release contract.
Graziano Arici is not responsible for the accuracy of information, names and places listed in the captions of images, as provided by the authors of the same, although reasonable verification is undertaken prior to uploading the images to the digital archive.
Graziano Arici is released from all liabilities resulting from improper or negligent use of images on the part of the purchaser of the images insofar as is described above.
Users agree not to disclose their Username and Password to third parties. Users will be deemed wholly liable for all damages real and consequential, resulting from such a disclosure to an unauthorised person or organisation. Users must notify Graziano Arici immediately in case of loss, or theft of their log-on data.
In the case of any dispute the law in the jurisdiction the court of Venice, Italy will be applied.

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